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Terreiro do Freixo footpath

Terreiro do Freixo Path take us through historic landmarks of the mountain areas such as stone sheepfolds and offers splendid views over Funchal


5,0 km


2 hour(s)

At the beginning of the path you can observe a series of stone sheepfolds used still today for sheep shearing. Along the way, we can see several panoramic views over Funchal and enjoy the magnificent mountains of Santo António along the path that follows the levada. You start the descent towards the end of the path when you reach a dense area of eucalyptus and pine trees.

Criteria for Classification of Footpaths:

Difficulty level:

  • “Flat” - flat or smooth slope course, accessible to anyone with a Global Assessment: Easy to everyone in a physical form within normal range.
  • “Undulating” - a course that presents slight ascents or descents, requiring a greater physical effort, but adequate for anyone who maintains regular physical activity.
    • “Uneven” - path with sometimes successive steep slopes. Requires a great physical effort, only advised for people with good physical condition.

Danger level:

  • “Familiar” - a route without great risks and which, with due caution, can be carried out by any type of person, including children and teenagers accompanied by adults.
  • “Adults” - a course that offers some risks and requires some care on the part of the walker. Children should not carry out this route, even when accompanied by an adult, by people of age or with physical limitations.
  • “Mountaineers” - a course with a high level of danger. Only people with a minimum of climbing practice and knowledge can do it.

Overall Rating:

  • “Easy” - refers to a route that can be easily done and does not require a great deal of physical effort. This kind of paths does not pose any added risk to those who chose to do them.
  • “Moderate” - refers to a moderately achievable course, which requires a great physical effort and/or offers some level of danger.
  • “Difficult” - a course that should only be done by experienced, properly equipped and physically fit people. A course, which offers great difficulty in terms of physical effort and is highly dangerous.

Walking is a refreshing, exciting and highly rewarding activity, but it carries some risks. The walks should be planned in advance, considering factors such as weather conditions, food, transportation, equipment needed, etc.


Terreiro do Freixo



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