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Cristiano Ronaldo Mural

A mural depicting Cristiano Ronaldo can be observed from many points of Santo António parish

A mural that pays homage to Cristiano Ronaldo, occupies two walls of Santo António Civic Centre. The English artist Richard Wilson did the spray painting. It took him 5 days to complete the work and he sees it as a very significant personal achievement.

The Santo António Parish Council supported the project. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Santo António and took is first steps in the football world in the parish club, hence the painting is visible from various points of Santo António, with the particularity of having is look directed towards the neighbourhood of Quinta Falcão, where the player lived is childhood.

The mural consists of a great plan of Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the equipment of the Portuguese national team, winner of the Euro 2016. The wall has areas with the colours of the flag of the Madeira Autonomous Region, blue and yellow, and is completed with CR7 initials.


Caminho das Romeiras, nº 10, 12 e 14


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