Santo Amaro Chapel

Part of Santo Amaro Historic Centre

Built in 1460 by Garcia Homem de Sousa, it is one of the oldest chapels in Santo António parish. Homem de Sousa was one of the noblemen sent by King Afonso V to marry with one of the daughters of João Gonçalves Zarco, discoverer of Madeira Archipelago and first donee captain of Funchal. Historical accounts describe the founder of the chapel as a proud and violent man that ordered to build, next to the chapel, a "stronghold" to protect himself from his brothers-in-law, with whom he had bloody quarrels. From the original building, it lasted until these days a stonework covered door made with basalt from Madeira Island and water deposit.

In the 18th century, the chapel underwent several changes. In 1989, it was destroyed by fire and just recently rebuilt. Currently, it is an integral part of Santo Amaro Historical Centre together with the Captain's Tower and the House of Pilgrims. It is classified as heritage of Municipal Interest by the Funchal Municipality.


Caminho de Santo Amaro


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