Santo Amaro Historical Centre

Historical and cultural landmark in Santo António parish

The Santo Amaro Historical Centre is composed of four buildings, the Captain's Tower, the Santo Amaro Chapel, the Pilgrims House and a recent built building.

The Captain's Tower was ordered by Garcia Homem de Sousa and used as his residence. He was son-in-law of João Gonçalves Zarco, and built the tower in the middle of the 15th century. This architectural element of medieval traits is the most impressive of this centre. It is the oldest military style building on Madeira island. Constructed in a rectangular shape, it features regional stone wedges and thick stone masonry walls. The main door as a broken arch and two stone and brick gun slots placed almost at ground level, in the west and south elevations. The consistency of the walls and of the building's wedges suggest that, once, the building may have been taller than the current structure, and that may justify the designation of tower.

The Santo Amaro Chapel is the oldest in the parish and one of the oldest in the diocese. It is also one of the only chapels built 15th century. There are notable changes in the initial construction, namely in interior walls and in the restoration and gilding of the altars. This chapel has valuable assets, such as a stained glass window by Pedro Calapez and the Altar by sculptor Rui Sanches.

The House of Pilgrims is a construction linked to the devotion to Santo Amaro, which in ancient times was the place where pilgrims from various parts of the island flocked to the annual festivities of the Saint. However, given its state, the infrastructure was object of restoration works and equipped with an information centre and souvenir shop of the Historic centre.

More recently, a new building has been built in this secular place with two distinct areas: functional services area and an exhibition area.


Caminho de Santo Amaro


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