Quinta Josefina Estate

A 19th century building with artistic traits of that era

Quinta Josefina, built in 1866, belonged to Castelo-Branco Manuel family, a family dedicated to literature and arts, with names such as Maurício Carlos de Castelo-Branco Manuel, journalist and poet, Maurício José de Castelo-Branco Manuel, Court judge and deputy, Gastão de Castelo-Branco Manuel, painter and sculptor, who painted several coats of arms found on the estate, and poet Joana de Castelo Branco.

Its interior features painted stucco ceilings and walls covered with gouache wallpaper (dating from 1879), using the trompe-l'oeil art technique, a standardized 19th century trend. Outside of this farm, you can see examples of rare Baroque tiles dating from the 18th century, such as collages of broken pottery that reconstitute Art Nouveau scenes with flowers pots or animals dating from the 20th century.

In 1969, Quinta Josefina was rehabilitated, and the old library gave place to a baroque style chapel with 18th century architecture, a project developed by architect Marcelo Costa. In the stucco ceiling of this chapel, it is possible to observe the family coat of arms.

With the expansion of tourism, the Quinta Josefina was used as a local lodge during winter, with a rental value between 1250 to 2500 Francs.

Since 1997, it is part of the Santo António School.


Rua da Quinta Josefina Nº1


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