Solar do Leme Estate

Historical estate, which also integrates São Filipe Chapel

Martim Leme and António Leme, two Lords from Bruges, Flanders, were sent by the king of Portugal to seize Arzila and Tangier, and were later distinguished for their acts of heroism. As a reward, the son of António Leme, Martim Leme, got lands in Santo António parish where he built, in 1536, a house with a contiguous chapel in Baroque style in honour of St. Philip, which is still called Quinta do Leme.

With the intention of perpetuating the family name Leme, Pedro Leme, establishes the Morgado dos Leme and imposes himself as administrator of this estate (morgadio). Later, Inácio da Câmara Leme, lieutenant general of Madeira and man of great prestige in the island, rebuilt the house and the chapel of the Quinta do Leme in the middle of 17th century. In 1748 Francisco Aurélio da Câmara Leme, rebuilt St. Philip Chapel, which stayed in ruins after the earthquake that affected the island.

The last Leme in the administration of the estate was Francisco António da Câmara Leme, who died without a successor. In 1832, the estate administration was passed to his nephew, João Carvalhal Esmeraldo de Bettencourt de Sá Machado, 11th Count of Carvalhal. This way Lemes estate ownership passed to Carvalhal estate.

Currently, Quinta do Leme has a different layout from the original, and functions as a special needs school since 1968, when Madeira Regional Government acquired the estate.


Rua da Quinta do Leme


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