Pico dos Barcelos Cross

Monument with great religious symbolism located in Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint

The first settlers between 1419 and 1420 introduced the cross, a symbol of Christian belief. Pico dos Barcelos Cross was built for commemorations of the Foundation and Restoration of Portugal Centennial, as a result of the political agenda established by Estado Novo (Portuguese dictatorial state in the 20th century), which aimed to construct crosses in panoramic locations as symbols of exaltation of Christian faith.

The Pico dos Barcelos Cross was inaugurated on November 24, 1940, and on its base can be read “Be the cross the lighthouse of the new generations”. This construction of the monument was entrusted to Father Francisco Moreira das Neves, a distinguished figure in the history of Portuguese Catholic journalism, who used as a campaign tool the so-called “Independence Crosses”, with statements such as, “A cross is enough to tell the world who Portugal is”. This campaign was celebrated at Madeira with the support of Juventude Antoniana, based in Santo António Parish, and guided by William Clode.


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