Santo Amaro Church

Church founded in 1960 in honour of Santo Amaro

Bishop D. Frei David de Sousa ordered to build Santo Amaro parish church in 1960, which opened to the community on January 1, 1961. First parish operated from Santo Amaro Chapel. In 1984, the parish moved to temporary facilities, located in the same place where it is now. The final building was built with donations from the locals. In the year 2000, the current temple was inaugurated. It was built based on a project signed by the Architect João Cunha Paredes.

Celebrations in honour of St. Amaro take place on the first Sunday after January 15, St. Anthony on the first Sunday after January 17, and the feast of the Lord on the second Sunday of August.


Caminho de Santa Quitéria Nº 26


291 775 631


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