Nossa Senhora da Graça Church

Church in honour of Nossa Senhora Medianeira de todas as Graças

The Nossa Senhora da Graça Church is devoted to Nossa Senhora Medianeira de todas as Graças (Our Lady Mediatrix of all graces). D. David de Sousa in 1960, at the time Bishop of Funchal diocese, founded the parish, which provisionally worked at the São João de Deus chapel of the Hospitaller Order of São João de Deus (StJohn of God). Started religious functions on January 1, 1961, parting from Santo António Church jurisdiction.

For the construction of a sanctuary, the lands were purchased at Barreira. The temple grew over time through the will and contribution of local people, such as Canon Manuel Luis.

The current church opened its doors to the community on March 24, 2004, with the blessing of D. Teodoro de Faria, Bishop of Funchal. The celebrations in honour of the patroness take place on the first Sunday of June, while the Lord's feast is celebrated on the second Sunday of July.


Caminho da Barreira Nº 26


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