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The Santo António Mountain Activities Guide offers you a wide range of options so that you can enjoy the mountains around Santo António


36,0 km


3 hour(s)

The Santo António Mountain Activities Guide begins in Eira do Serrado situated in the island mountainous interior at 1095 meters of altitude, offering a panoramic over the imposing mountains of the Central Mountain Massif. From here follow towards Montado do Paredão, located between 1400 and 1450 meters altitude, were you can enjoy two viewpoints with wide panoramic views. Following the Forest Path where you will be able to enjoy the Pico do Prado viewpoint overlooking towards Santo António mountain ranges and Funchal bay. Continue on the road, until you reach Poço da Neve (Snow Well).Built in 1813 was formerly used to store snow that would fall on the winter time, to be taken later to downtown Funchal. A few meters above you will find Pico do Areeiro located at 1818 meters altitude, the ideal place to observe the North and South slopes of the island and to be marvelled with a fantastic panoramic view of the Central Mountain Massif. You can go down the forest road that will take you back to Eira do Serrado Road and finish your tour at Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint.

In the mountain areas you can enjoy Trekking and Levada Walks through several historic footpaths, once used to explore the natural resources of the mountain. These are good alternatives to enjoy the landscape or practice nature sports. You can also do Birdwatching, the mountains of Santo António are a privileged place for this, due to its location and biodiversity. If you like running, you can enjoy Trail Running. Santo António mountains offers excellent paths in superb conditions for this practice. You can also choose Organized Tours that will take you through the rugged peaks and slopes of the mountain massif that will leave you dazzled by the diversity of shades and scents that spread from the valleys bottom to the mountains ridge.


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