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Santo António Mountains enables you to enjoy a unique experience among deep valleys and mountain ridges.

The appeal of Santo Antonio mountains comes from the landscape exuberance of the area. The succession of hills and deep valleys, carved on the slopes of the rugged peaks, the variety of habitats, the diversity of shades and scents that spread from the valleys bottom to the mountain ridges, the remnants of the presence of the first men than conquered the harsh landscape, will leave you dazzled and wake up all of your senses.To get to know all this beautiful places, we suggest you to follow a route that take you through Eira do Serrado, Mountado do Paredão, Pico do Prado viewpoint, Poço da Neve and Pico do Areeiro. From Pico do Areeiro you can descend along Santo António peaks until you reach the parish centre.The quality of the roads allows you to make this journey in a comfortable way, while enjoying the stunning scenery offered at the viewpoints that exist along the way.


Mountain area of the parish of Santo António


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