Trail Running

For trail running and nature sports lovers there is a significant number of trails to enjoy at Santo António surrounding mountains.

The mountainous area of ​​ Santo António parish offers a significant number of paths with excellent conditions for the practice of trail running. Along the year, some national and international races take place in the area. From the pedestrian routes we offer, you can choose different distances, levels of demand and types of floor, depending on the person endurance and capacities. The path we suggest is included in the most prestigious international trail race that takes place on the island. It is a great option for training. In its longest extension, the path is around 11 km long, with 1100m of elevation gain and 1300 of negative incline. Being an outdoor activity in a mountainous area, it is crucial to be aware of the dangers. You should also respect the habitats and geodiversity along the path.


Mountain area of the parish of Santo António


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