Trekking and Levada Walks

Santo António surrounding mountains offers several footpaths accompanied by incredible panoramas.

In the mountains of Santo António the visitor can walk through several historic pedestrian paths, once used to explore the natural resources of the mountains, but which now constitute a good alternative to practice nature sport activities and enjoy the landscape. The Paredão Pedestrian path connects three emblematic viewpoints (Pico do Areeiro, Paredão and Eira do Serrado) and allows the visitor to enjoy unique and breathtaking landscapes. The Pedestrian Path of Terreiro do Freixo passes through the old stone sheepfolds, inherited from the time when the pastures predominated in these mountains and crosses one of the paths used by the shepherds. Levada da Negra is a small water channel that in the past served as a way for the ice deliverymen transport it to the hospital and to the most prestigious hotels in the city.


Mountain area of the parish of Santo António


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