Sheep Shearing

Sheep shearing is a part of the cultural heritage of the mountain area.

Sheep shearing is an ancient practice maintained by few shepherds of the region. It consists in the shedding of sheep's wool, which is then used to weave clothes. The wool is used in Madeiran traditional costumes and to weave other garments sold in local craft shops.

Between May and July sheep shearing takes place at Terreiro do Freixo in the hills of the parish, calling back to the old times but with a touch of modernity, with the introduction of cultural and musical animation. The sheep are collected and placed in stone sheepfolds and taken one by one to cut the wool by scissors. In addition to the shearing, you can enjoy a morning mass, followed by lunch and live music.

You can visit the sheepfolds whenever you wish. One of the ways is taking the pedestrian route Levada da Negra - Barreira.


Pico do Prado


Winter schedule: Every day from 09:30 to 17:30; Summer schedule: Every day from 09:30 to 19:00 (this opening hours are related to opening and closing the forest path)


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