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Santo António

By Car

To reach Santo António by car, simply follow the GPS coordinates. Alternatively, choose the "car" mode in one of the indicated links of Google Maps from your point of origin, to the point where you want to go.

Santo António (Church): 32°39'50.4"N 16°56'20.0"W 

Pico dos Barcelos: 32°39'33.4"N 16°56'21.7"W  

By Bus

There are several routes, offered by Funchal bus company, that cover most of Santo António. The public transport network allows you to visit the main points of interest, enjoy excellent panoramic views and other leisure sites. You can find the available routes in the Routes Map by Horários do Funchal bus operator. Santo António routes are marked with the purple colour.

If you want to go directly to the parish centre (Church) or to the Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint, you can use one of the following routes:

Center of Santo António (Church of Santo António) Nº: 8A, 10, 10A, 11, 14, 92

Pico dos Barcelos Nº: 9, 12

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Taxi is also a good option to get to know Santo António. The fare between Funchal (centre) and some of the most emblematic points of the parish, such as the Church or Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint, take around 15 minutes (one way), the distance is around 5 km and have an average cost of 10 €. Both ways will cost around € 20.

You can also purchase a TaxiVoucher which includes a visit of Santo António:

Circuit: Hotel, São Martinho, Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint, Eira do Serrado viewpoint, Curral das Freiras and return to the Hotel (approximately 3 hours) – 4 seats car: from 60 €

Circuit: Hotel, São Martinho,Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint, Eira do Serrado viewpoint, Curral das Freiras return to the Hotel through Monte or Câmara de Lobos (approximately 4 hours) – 4 seats car: from 80 €

City Sightseeing

Both tours companies provide circuits that pass through Santo António, namely by Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint. Take advantage of these tours to discover Funchal’s main monuments, the streets with Portuguese traditional-style pavement, the colourful flowers of its gardens, but also the unique panoramic view that Pico dos Barcelos offers you.

Information and Reservations: Yellow Bus

Information and Reservations: Hop-On Hop-Off Funchal

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You can visit Santo António by TUK TUK, choosing the “Viewpoints Tour”:

For about an hour and a half, this tour includes four viewpoints around Funchal. The tour begins in Old Town at Barreirinha viewpoint, continues to Vila Guida viewpoint, in Rua Conde Carvalhal, following to Pico dos Barcelos in Santo António. The last viewpoint of the tour is Avista Navios, located in São Martinho parish.

Information and conditions: Tuk Madeira City Tours

Where To Stay

The stunning view from Santo António over Funchal’s  amphitheatre and close proximity to the majestic mountains gives the visitor the opportunity to live in person a mix of sensations and to feel welcomed when staying overnight in this parish.

Although there are no hotels, there is a significant offer of local lodging establishments that will make the visitor feel at home and very close to the true Madeiran lifestyle. From farmhouses to apartments, you can spend the night with a charming view and enjoy the proximity to all services and transportation.

Where To Eat

From the sea to the mountains, the gastronomic diversity of Madeira depicts the soul of humble people and the creativity of flavours that the fertile land provides. In Santo António the traditional flavours, rich in regional products, are well-kept. Do not forget to taste some Madeira wine to open your appetite.  

The offer in display is rich, from fish and seafood, to meats, you can enjoy a great meal in Santo António. With a great number of restaurants, you can taste the traditional Madeiran Espetada (beef skewers in laurel sticks), or opt for fast food places, bars and pubs.

What To Do

The springtime temperature that prevails all year round, together with a majestic landscape, transformed the island in a true haven of natural beauty. Between the Atlantic blue and the mountains green, Santo António is the bridge to enjoy a wide range of activities.

The nature invites you to enjoy outdoor activities in the mountains, along footpaths with breath-taking landscapes that reflects the history and memory of the islanders. On the majestic mountainous massif you can reach the highest peaks of the island and enjoy a rich biodiversity. In our itineraries, you will also get the opportunity to know the historical patrimony of the parish that will take you back to the dawn of the discovery of Madeira island.

Celebrate the festivities, enjoy the traditional gastronomy and enjoy a genuine Madeiran “Arraial” in Santo António.

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